About us

We believe in three pillars

Reception: we want to get to know our guests, help them in a new and fascinating context with needs that are always special, we don't like self keys, our value known and explained.

Truth: a relationship of trust even before booking, we never lie about where and what to expect from the apartment and services.

Safety: we help to take care of every aspect of safety, both for those who travel alone, in particular women and families.


Rapallo Agenda Event : https://www.comune.rapallo.ge.it/pagina15_eventi-in-agenda.html

Liguria Activity : https://www.regione.liguria.it/area-stampa/archivio-comunicati-stampa-della-giunta/item/22209-nuovi-sentieri.html

How to move

Ferry Boat : http://traghettiportofino.it/linee-gite/

Train to 5 Land : https://www.trenitalia.com/it/treni_regionali/liguria/viaggiare_nelle_5terre.html

AirportShuttle : https://www.atpesercizio.it/AirportShuttle/


Located in Rapallo, 3.8 km from Santa Margherita Ligure, La Casa Rosa al Mare provides a terrace and free WiFi. Each unit is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, a seating area with a sofa, a flat-screen TV, a washing machine, and a two private bathroom with shower. There is also a microwave, fridge and a kettle.

Genoa is 29 km from the apartment, while Portofino is 9 km away. The nearest airport is Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport, 40 km Parking available on request

Cleaning procedure

-we will use masks, gloves and glasses that we will provide you and you will have to bring a change from home to be used only for cleaning and that you will wash at least 70 ° each time, changing before and after in the apartment.

-We will use chlorine-based products, such as bleach, and alcohol-based, and we will provide spray sanitizers for non-washable fabric surfaces, such as curtains and sofas, everything else will be machine washed at 70 ° or with Napisan sanitizers, following the manufacturer's instructions .

-To clean the bathrooms, allow the products to act at least ten minutes before rinsing.

-Sanitize the air conditioner splits every time Be careful to sanitize handles, mixers, remote controls, and electronic equipment with 70% alcohol every time.

-Empty the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning Use scottex and remove all the sponges or rags, obviously if not necessary and in this case by putting them.

-Change the dishwashing sponge every time.



  • Self Check in with key box for free
  • Or Fix an appointment for your check in, send us an email or a message using whatsapp or sms, telling us the correct time of your arrival.
  • The arrival to the agreed day takes place between 15:00 and 19:00. The property is not responsible for problems caused by early or late arrivals after the time mentioned above.
  • For late check in must be agreed in advance,  Until 7:00 PM Free of charge From 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM: 30€ From 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM: 40€ From 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM: 60€ After midnight - 80€ but depends on the availability
  • The property is not responsible for problems caused by early or late arrivals after the time mentioned above. In case of delay not notified promptly to the accompanying person, the latter shall be entitled to await the customer no later than 30 minutes after the set time. After 30 minutes it will be by the customer contact. In case of no-show on the appointed day, the apartment will be made available only until 08:00 the following day.

CHECK IN in person

  • Meeting and reception of guests at the predefined time at the street and transfer to the apartment.
  • Detailed explanations of the city, how and where to go, places for shopping and more.
  • Visit of the apartment and explanation of domestic appliances as well as of the power switch to be used in case of blackout.
  • At the end will be asked to pay all the amount of the vacation included cleaning expense total, if not already paid online.
  • We will ask you to pay only cash, 1,50 euro x day only for adults, of local tourist tax, only from 1st March until 31th October.
  • We will be completing all the documents of ID and signing a rental contract for the authority.


  • Domestic apparels and air conditioned must be used when there are guests in the apartment only.
  • Do not touch any of the boiler's buttons in order to avoid unpleasant consequences due to an incorrect use.
  • Before exiting the apartment check that all windows are closed and all the lights are torn off.
  • Is not permitted to leave animals in the house alone, in the apartment or in the garden.
  • Night nuisance caused by the guest (after 23:30) or non-respect of civil rules or property rules will allow the property to ask the host to leave the apartment at any time without being refunded.
  • In case the keys get lost or the guest forgets them inside the apartment, the client must reimburse the property 50,00 Euros and if it is necessary to break the door to be able to enter the flat, the customer will pay the sum of 200,00 Euros .
  • In the case of extraordinary maintenance work on the building, or health measure it is requested to vacate the building, making it available.


  • Check-out time by 11:00 am on the day of departure will be left the keys on the kitchen table or in another visible place.
  • Dishes, pots and pans, glasses and cutlery will all have been thoroughly washed and placed in the appropriate cupboards and drawers. The dishwasher will be left empty.
  • No food must be left in the fridge, especially perishable food. The guest will arrange the disposal of all possible garbage.
  • Objects or furniture eventually moved during the stay will be put back in their original place. Whenever extra blankets or covers, left available for the guests, will be used, these will be folded and put back where they were found.
  • Upon departure, during winter, the thermostat must be left at about 10 degrees; during summer, please switch off the air conditioning completely.
  • Should the guest not respect the above conditions, he will be charged a fee of 50,00 Euros .